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potted meat

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This is an old method of preserving meat and new to me. The products on the shelf today using that name do not have much in common with the original recipes. This might be a very valuable technique to learn. I see the similarity between this and headcheese, pemmican and similar cooked meat sausages.

Yes, it's basically just pressure canning the meat. It has to be pressure canned and not the water bath canning method.
My wife has used this method for a variety of things like meatloaf, whole quail, and stuffed green peppers.
We used it in order to have long term storage that didn't require freezing. A side benefit is the meat products are cooked during the canning process so all you have to do is open it up and heat it up in the microwave, quick and easy meal.
FYI, I have eaten a pressure canned stuffed green pepper that was over 2 years old. It tasted great.

Potted meat is not canning. What it is is larding in cooked meat. basically you cook the meat then put a layer of hot  lard in a bucket. Put a layer of .net ,being careful that it doesn't touch any other pieces.Then another layer of hot lard. Repeat tell you get to the top.
 If you do it right with no meat touching each other and no air pockets the meat.Will keep awhile. Must be stored in a cool place so that the lard doesn't soften and meat move.
 Not a great way but another way to store meat.

Like so:

Yes like that.I was just doing that off the top of my head.


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