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canning persimmon pulp ?


I have usually frozen persimmon pulp, so just mashed, soft Hachiya persimmon.  Then we use it in recipes.  But, is there a reason I cannot pressure or waterbath can it ? What would be the technique ?

I have seen many recipes for persimmon jam, which I would also love to know if anyone has a recipe for that they specifically recommend.  But, I also want just shelf stable persimmon pulp for use in baking.  ( yes, I dry sliced persimmon too to snack on)

The reasons I want to do this are first to not rely on power to keep the persimmon pulp safe, and also to reduce/eliminate the seal-a-meal packaging.

This may help but beware I'm not familiar with persimmons having only eaten them once. Toward the bottom of the reading you'll find info that may help.


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