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Canning Jar Crates

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Got any good designs for canning jar storage?  Boxes?  Crates?  Totes?  How & where?

When they're full, ours go directly on the shelves in the pantry.
When empty, they go in boxes, either stacked in a closet or under the bed in the spare room.
After jars are filled and go to the pantry, DW has started throwing away the cardboard boxes that they come in.  This becomes a problem when they are emptied and need to depart the kitchen!    ???  I think she's hinting that I need to build those crates sooner than later.

How are you storing your empties?

Have you made any crates?  If so, out of what?  I'm thinking about upcycling some pallets, but they might make for pretty heavy crates.  Probably ok though.

stwood made some nice ones shown in this post:

What are some of y'all's ideas?

I just use the boxes they came in. If I run out of empty boxes I re-shuffle full jars in the partial full boxes.

And yeah Stwood has a pretty much full blown wood shop. I'm a hobbyist.

Hi scoob. Yes, I make them out of whatever scrap, oddball pieces are laying around. I try to stay with 1/2" whatever so they won't feel like lifting concrete.  ???

Of course pints are different than quarts. Just measure up your cardboard boxes and go from there. I gave mine and extra 1/4" width and length I think.
Hand holes make them better, but not totally necessary

Morning Sunshine:
I have found that the boxes sent by Honeyville Grain or the like that hold 6 #10 cans will hold 15 quart jars.  They are also pretty heavy duty boxes, so they can hold the full jars as well.

If I can 60 jars of chicken broth, I will keep 3 boxes full (so I can double stack on my shelves) and leave the other 15 jars out.

I am totally of grid . The cardboard boxes last 3 years at best before humidity kills them . Could I build crates? Yes but if I don't deal them or even if I do they form mold. So I buy a few JARBOXS along. They are pricey but hold up.


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