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Portland OR forecast for Saturday 8/17/19: dueling far-right vs antifa

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--- Quote from: FreeLancer on August 17, 2019, 01:17:41 PM ---Why is that good?

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ANTIFA is too stupid not to attack them. That would result in them being wiped out.  Media will portray it right wing attacks on "peaceful" college students.  There will be calls for more crazy laws...

Mr. Bill:
Info from The Oregonian.  This page is getting frequent updates.

Portland protests: 13 arrested as police declare civil disturbance (live updates)

Sounds like violence has been pretty minor, and the police were effective at keeping the two groups separated.


--- Quote from: NWPilgrim on August 16, 2019, 02:08:16 PM ---I have to be on the East side Sat morning. Hoping no violence or protesters spills over into the freeways like they have before, or Rose qtr.

Just yesterday a friend narrowly avoided a shopping cart in the fast lane where a homeless camp is uphill from the Jersey barrier. Apparently they have to cross the three lanes of freeway 1-84 to get to and from their camp. So the “PORTLAND danger” is not just Antifa, but all sorts of homeless detritus spilling onto the freeways now.

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I’ve escaped south of the border, but you’re not kidding about people on the interstates in OR, I’ve had half a dozen close encounters in just the last three days.  I don’t see that kind of lunacy in CA.

Huge PR win for the proud boys.  They protested without any violence and cleared out at end

ANTIFA on the other hand threatened journalists, clashed with police, and again fanned out afterwards and beat the heck out of random citizens.  In particular, journalists are getting very fed up with ANTIFA's actions:

Example of ANTIFA assaults:

Hundreds like these have been reported.


Ive heard people defend antifa claiming they are not violent but they obviously look like they want to be very anonymous with black ski masks and all


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