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Ramen for LT

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These can be pretty good too. When they say hot and spicy that's exactly what they mean. Voice of experience here. ;D There are various Asian and Indonesian styles. They are more expensive.

I'll look into those. DT or wally's had packs of 3? I think.

DT? I usually buy the square packages of noodles by the box 24/box. Lately I've seen other size packages. I bought 24 pks. of Top Ramen brand in 6pk packages. I think one reason I got them so cheap was they were getting close to the best by date. I didn't notice when I bought them but would have anyway. Stores have to get them off the shelf I believe after the BB date. I've seen those noodle bowls in a local Asian store in 12pk.? boxes. I've never bought those but when working with the Asians and Burmese I would trade mangos for a bowl. Aldi had mangos cheap at the time.

DT Dollar Tree

I'll probably start with the cases/packages with the multiple square packages.

The samples I picked up at DT was 5 packs for a dollar. Thats pretty cheap meals, and for LT storage, you could pack a bunch in for not much coin.

Waiting for MS to pop back in with her storage experience....

Smurf Hunter:
A nutritional aside, something I learned about dried ramen when I was an adult leader in boy scouts was they are fairly "empty" calories. 
What I mean is, while they would seem like the perfect backpacking food, being light and simple to prepare with just hot water, they really don't provide much nourishment.
That said, they are extremely cheap, and store well.  I figure during some emergency, giving out cup of noodles to neighbors is great ROI.

Keep putting up the ramen, but please make sure that's not your only source for long term calories and nutrients.


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