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Ramen for LT

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So I checked out the Ramen assortment at Walmart the other day. Prices look ok.
Then picked up a small beef flavored package next door at Dollar Tree while we were there.
Got it fixed up and the taste was actually fairly good.
So I'm thinking it should be a good LT item to have.

Do any of you keep it in your supply?

I'm thinking a plastic tub with all of the flavors would be another cheap food item to have.
There are 4 basic flavors from what I've seen.
Beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp.

Morning Sunshine:
we discussed this once.  and there was some variety of storage.  let me see if I can find....  this is not the one I remember.  I will continue my search

ack.  I cannot find it.

I know that I bought a lot for real cheap one time, and the noodles went rancid after about 6 months.  I stored it with all my other food and have no problems with things going bad.

The longest I've ever kept any was about 4 years. I kept them on a shelf with no special preservation just as packaged. No problem with bugs in them either. Hadn't intended to keep them that long but I just stopped eating them then started again.

Checking my supply of noodles this morning. 47 containers Cup Noodles best by 5/18 stored in an end table in the original packaging. Wife ate one cup a couple weeks ago. No complaints. 70+ packages Ramen noodles stored on various shelves inside the house and in the original packaging. All have best by dates in 2019. Here is a thread I started a year ago sort of commenting on shelf life.

I'm thinking ramen noodles are much like pasta and lasts virtually forever.

Cups Noodles are single serving. The noodle blocks are enough for 2 servings. Mix with whatever meat and veggies you have.

MS and Red thanks for searching those present links. I'll look em over.
The ones we bought as samples are the square pack.
MS I wonder if you got a bad batch of packaging that wasn't sealed good.
Was it the cups or squares?


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