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Chicken of the Sea

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We bought some of the 2.5oz sealed packets, different variety's for some LT storage.
Figured they would be a quick meal for 2, small sandwiches, cheap in price, usually around a buck a package. Carry a few in the GHB, and keep some in the storeroom and pantry.

Of the 4-5 different varieties, we have tried all but the one that is a barbecued pink salmon.
Until yesterday, we opened one of those up for a evening snack.

Luckily, we only have 1 of those varieties left. We will not be purchasing any more barbecue salmon.  :censored:

I try to purchase small quantities and try them before buying big. what you eat.  ;D

Interesting, hmm.

I'm currently investigating Herring fillets, fish steaks and smoked oysters as items I want to keep a few dozen of on hand. I'm not a sardine fan.

I've found the best price is on Beach Cliff brand. I really want some Crown Prince smoked herring fillets, love those but they are twice the price of the other stuff. I may get some. You need to watch what you buy on the Crown Prince brand. The products in red boxes and cans mostly comes from Canada. The produce in white cellophane and cans comes from China if it makes any difference to you.

Yea....I tend to get a little queasy when a food product says made/produced in China.

I discovered that when I bought a can kipper snacks at DT. Wally's costs a little less anyway.


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