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Old wheat storage.

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It has liberal amounts of diatomaceous earth mixed in. Opened this bucket today.
It was stored Dec 1998. No sign of deterioration, bugs, or zombie finger prints.
We will do a germination test (old style  ;D) and grind some flour and try it out.
This is hard red wheat, and was told it came from bagged seed wheat.
18 buckets of it, plus 17 buckets of our own stored wheat. I think there's plenty..

I've ground about 8 quarts up now. It was really dusty (white) and figured it was the DE, so I ran it through a sieve and removed as much DE as I could.

We'll do a baking test on it

How did the germination test go?

That was a bust. Plastic container, wet, in a window. It all swelled, but never sprouted. Had about 50 berries in there. 10 days in the window.


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