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Old wheat storage.

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I have been storing foods since '70s, still have some stuff pretty old. Originally I used food grade buckets w/ dry ice, switching to mylar w/O2 absorbers. I opened some hard red winter wheat from '70s, made breads & sprouted some in '96. Both worked well.
Tried another bucket from same year in 2004 that failed to sprout. Wife thinks if it won't sprout it's dead nutritionally. Will it still be usable for bread, or just feed chickens with it?

Morning Sunshine:
My parents had 400# or so of wheat from the 70s.  I turned it into eggs.  That was just the easiest option for me.  If I had had more energy, perhaps I would have tried wheat grass for smoothies... but we chose the chicken route instead.

I brought home 19 five gallon buckets of HR wheat from a church storage a few weeks ago.
Bucket are dated 12-98
I'll be opening one up fairly soon when I get some time. I want to ck for bugs, sprouting, and see if the berries have hardened up to hard for grinding.

@Stwood: let us know how they turn out. If it was stored properly, should have another 10 years or so of life left...

Will do. If it's prepped like the corn was, they used diatomaceous earth and there was no bugs nor bug damage.   


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