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Taking care of your mason jars

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I run them through the dishwasher when they've been emptied, then store them in a cupboard. Lids and bands get stored separately, we've had rusting issues in the past with leaving them on jars. I'm gonna wash and sterilize everything again before using them anyway, so a little dust in the interim doesn't concern me.

David in MN:
I treat canning like brewing. I wash them and when I have a flat of jars they go into sanitizing solution. Usually this is when I brew a beer, cider, or mead. I'm going to sound crazy but it's the outsides that give me paranoia. the inside of the glass is smooth and cleans easily. It's the outside with goofy lettering and unnecessary etching that drives me nuts. So they get washed and soaked in sanitizer.

Yes. Little critters can hide in the lettering. I've had spots that would not wash off. After scraping around a bit, it comes off.

Black November:
I wash in the dishwasher, and store in the garage. I hang the bands on a horizontally strung piece of paracord with a carabiner on each side. Recently washed bands add to the left, and bands needed for next canning pulled from the right (FIFO). We also separate new and used lids. New lids for canning, used lids for vacuum sealing.


--- Quote from: Black November on September 07, 2018, 09:32:11 AM ---We also separate new and used lids. New lids for canning, used lids for vacuum sealing.

--- End quote ---


We also put used lid upside down with band on freshly washed jars in addition to use for vacuum sealing. Don't worry about foreign stuff getting into the jars. We keep all supplies in the house also. Too hot in the summer in the garage and too dusty, it's sort of a woodshop too.


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