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Just for what it's worth. I was thinking about easy ways, other than weighing, to reliably get 1 pound of dry pinto beans from a five gallon bucket. The beans would not be in 1lb. packages but loose. A scoop would be inconsistent so some sort of container seemed appropriate. Looking on my shelves I saw 1lb. bags of beans next to Classico jars. Hmm, looks good.

I poured one sack into an empty Classico jar and that filled it to the ring under the threads. I don't think you would necessarily need a scoop but it might be easier to fill the jar with one. The graduations on the jar might make it easy so approximate other weights of beans.

Sounds like a good way to do that. Maybe keep that jar in the bucket for future use?


--- Quote from: Stwood on August 02, 2018, 08:21:26 AM ---Sounds like a good way to do that. Maybe keep that jar in the bucket for future use?

--- End quote ---

Yup for sure. Bucket will hold approx. 34lbs. of pintos. I have 29lbs. and the jar in the bucket.

FWIW. HD didn't have gamma seal lids. They had Leaktite Corp. screw top lids. I'm not sure I like them as well as the Gamma seal lids. Something seems amiss with the threads, I'm not quite sure what and the lid o-ring might not stay in place when the lid is removed.

My HD still carries Gamma Seal lids, or at least they did a month or so ago when I needed one.  I'll have to check again to see if they switched to this other lid. 

If you have an unused Gamma, how about taking pics of them next to each other to see what the differences are?

Yea, pic comparision needed you ol bird.  ;D

Guess I haven't ran across that brand.


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