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Augason Farms Hearty Vegetable Chicken Flavored Soup Mix #10 can $10.22


Augason Farms Hearty Vegetable Chicken Flavored Soup Mix  is a great quality and taste for soup and the price per serving is also good when compared to caned and dry soup mixes. The majority rice based vegetables are thicker than most soups and I like the textures and when added to water with a measure of the flavor packet added to water and simmered for 25 minutes to soften the vegetables...The long cook time may be a problem for 'emergency' type preparation though the "heat till boiling" and let sit worked after bringing to boil a second time and saved fuel/cook time a bit.

Dog hesitated as she saw no meat,but the chicken flavor did convince her the product was acceptable.


I think the 25 minutes is because it needs to cook the rice and lentils. If it was just about rehydrating the carrots, onion and celery, you could soak in cold water for those, and they would reconstitute up like fresh, I practiced alot with storage foods, but I wouldnt soak this soup mix ahead in cold water because of the pasta in this soup, so,yeah, boiling water would be best. If low on fuel, you can definitely just need to bring to a boil, and then use one of the ideas from Hay box cooking, look it up. Basically, you rig up a nest ahead of time that the pot fits in to insulate and hold in the heat. Wrapping the pot in blankets would work, or a box filled with hay. Solar cooker in the summer would make this quick and easy with no fuel used.

  While I have plenty of fuel today,it is a real consideration for a true emergency situation and the HAY BOX ,ICE CHEST, or bring to boil every 10 or so minutes is a worthwhile tactic for hard times preparation. Thanks M-Momma as I had totally forgotten HAY BOX as a great alternative.


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