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Augason...Morning Moo's Milk and Hot Chocolate mix

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  This Morning MOO is a great powdered milk though may not be a cost value for day to day consumption as while the taste is great and it goes well on cereals etc ,Carnation instant is often available at a lower cost per gallon and is also of good quality. I mixed this as per instructions...mix in warm to room temp water ,THEN CHILL and it is great tasting milk though I still store and use EAGLE BRAND CONDENSED MILK as my alternative drink and only buy this Augason when on a good sale (like about $12 a can) but one must be aware that such 'fats' as milk are shorter term ...about 10 years for Augason 70 degrees ,dark place storage.

  Lest I forget. Dog goes head first into a bowl of this and polishes the bowl. Also in chocolate flavor at a price that may equal daily consumption value due to cost of pre packaged servings of similar products.

good review!

 8) I was just ck'in out the chocolate one this am.


--- Quote from: Stwood on April 04, 2018, 03:45:37 PM --- 8) I was just ck'in out the chocolate one this am.

--- End quote ---

Your taste test??? 

I like it hot...though as a cold drink it is very rich tasting also.  I only BUY these things when on sale at or near $12 a can for any of the food or drink is my level.

Oops. Was ck'in the specs out Carl. Was thinkin of getting some for our grand daughter who is not dairy tolerant. specs say it has milk in it so....


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