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  Bread,or crackers makes for a very stable calorie source that will keep you alive in time of need. The can comes sealed and good for 30 years of water tight,air tight,floating ,storage...about SIXTY large diameter crackers with a RITZ CRACKER though milder taste ...slightly sweet and SIXTY CALORIES EACH CRACKER that are good with soups or as 'side bread' with meals. While they store and taste really great...the cost for calories can be a bit high and I usually only buy when near to $12-$14 dollars a can as $20 is way too much for my budget. The crackers are well packages and rarely  broken also as they are LOW SALT ,they don't make you thirsty when you eat them. Find then closer to $10 and they are good ,long term storage at a budgetary price ...also ...these are NOT TOUGH to chew...about the consistency of factory made cookies and sweet enough (just a hint) to eat any time.  And YES,my dog will eat them too.

  In the past I have made meals that I thought were pretty good and yet my dog would politely refuse to eat ,so she may be a better judge of Long term foods than my taste buds and this is why I include her. The Pilot Crackers I test here were in excess of 15 years in storage and were light ,sweet,and crisp.

Good to know. Thanks for the report.
We only have one can, about a year old.

Thanks for the update, I have a few cans but have never tried them

  While they taste GREAT, I also feel they should be kept sealed so as to maintain their 'collector' value. I just am blessed with the community BOL rotation and thought it high time that someone taste test a bit...more to follow.


--- Quote from: Carl on April 02, 2018, 11:10:15 AM ---  ...more to follow.

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