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New canning flats deals/buys?

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I've been catching the sales (none last fall) and probably have 4-5 years on lids.
I also bought lots of jars last summer on sale. Both Ball and Walmart had some good sales on pints and half pints.

Ms. Albatross:
Yesterday, in a closed Facebook group I belong to, I saw a post where a member went to a Sam's Club that was closing and bought all the canning jars & lids they had.  50% off.  63 Sam's Club locations are closing around the country.  If you live near one of them, you might want to check it out.

Oh man................. :facepalm: I better call my son up in the city and ck there.
Thanks for the info. I'd heard about the closings.

Checking the Houston, TX area but I doubt any closing.

Just checked. Local TV station says 3 closing, none close to me.


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