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Storage Bins or Containers for #10 Cans?


My apologies if this has been covered already elsewhere.  I have a cistern (dry) that I'm capping and turning into a dry storage.  Unfortunately for storage concerns, living in the PNW the temps are cooler and more consistent, but humidity is fairly high.  I've got a fair number (and growing) of #10 cans with freeze dried long term food that I'm wanting to store in the new area.  I've removed the cans from the cardboard boxes to stop the cardboard from gathering moisture, but wanted to put the cans into some sort of bin or other container for a bit more protection.  (Possibly also to include some dehumidifying agents?)

Has anyone found and had a good experience with a storage container that is sturdy and you have had good success with?  I've seen videos of folks using 55gal drums, but I'd prefer something smaller in the 4-12 can per container range for portability?

  I use pallets to keep them off the floor and not in contact with walls so as to keep temps more stable. My stuff is mostly at the BOL so I don't have to move it often though I use a pallet jack for stock rotation when new orders come in. Leave room for air to circulate and moisture,ir it occurs,to drip and you should be OK. I only keep about 30 #10 cans at home and a 4 can to a level with a board on each level  does well though you may find a fruit bin works good too.

How about some plastic bins with lids. Get the ones that are see through.


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