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I live in southern florida & we had a nasty hurricane. Fortunately i & my condo escaped any harm. Before the hurricane I stocked up on canned goods that did not require refrigeration or cooking plus an abundance of bottled purified water. I would like to know what plastic packaged supermarket foods i should purchase that has a long shelf life? Two year shelf life is fine. I considered packaged fig newtons & twinkies  but don't know their shelf life. All suggestions appreciated.

The fig Newtons and Twinkies would be morale booster (I have pan fried chocolate chip cookies on the woodstove more than once during long storms/ power outages), and should be in your LTS.

Plastic (ugh,.  ok)... Tuna and salmon pouches. Chicken salad comes in those pouches as well. Pretzel sticks last long time. I'd go with peanut butter and pretzel type things which are fatter and no salt... No idea the brand name. How about the xnack packs with cheese and crackers? Spam is edible out of the can, i prefer the low sodium one.

Tang or koolaide to flavour water.


I found that some of the normal items that come in cardboard box (or thin plastic covering) could be repackaged to convert them from short term to longer term.

Oatmeal (instant) vac pack
Instant  coffee - while in plastic, I pour the contents into mason jars
Rice in mason jars
Pasta in - well, you get the idea.
Instant mashed potatoes, flavored

There are more flavors of spam, and they do come in the plastic wrapped pouches. And they do have turkey spam.
Hormel has some shelf stabilized food items, not sure if you get a full 2 years on the shelf life.

David in MN:

I'm going to assume this means you have no access to tools or cooking methods.

I'd be looking at nuts, beef jerky, chips and salsa, granola bars, craisins, sunflower seeds, etc. I'd do recon on what the hot items for hikers are. Also (plastic allowed) throw a case of vodka in the closet. Good for many uses, even if it merely makes a neighbor happy.

Not to be a jerk, but a can opener and a cheap camp stove give you vastly more options.

  Many sausage type meats come in airtight seals and are good for a couple of years and don't forget ,the gift you keep on giving,....FRUITCAKE is high calorie and lasts forever. I also suggest grits,yakisoba,and many other dry ,noodle type meals as low cost and they fill you up meals.

  I also make pancakes or breakfast cakes with the packaged angle food cake mix (the one that has egg in the mix) and all you need is water and a hot pan...and your imagination to make some good ,sweet pancakes and other breakfast cakes and sweet treats.


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