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Gamma Seal Lids w/6 Gal. Bucket

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MM and Stwoodie, those are interesting links and I've seen stuff I would like to get. Thanks for posting those.  :clap:

Welcome ;D

Another decent deal. No shipping charges. Not prime eligible

Still checking around for buckets. I've seen threads on other forums saying the Encore Plastics white 5 gal. buckets are Food Grade per Encore Plastics. White HDPE material is the correct material but I also noticed that the mold release used on most buckets disqualified them for food grade.

Walmart website shows food grade buckets as no longer being stocked. I did find this.

Cost slightly less that the Leaktite buckets at HD.

Home Depot is closer to me.

Wonder if your local Ace has or can get them down there?


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