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Long term storage of eggs

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I also like Mark Rose's idea of keeping them with the chickens..., but anyway, what about pickling the eggs? Link:

Thanks for the idea, Sarcasmo, but pickled eggs rank right up there with canned giant water bugs for me.  :D

Appreciate the input, though...have to find out if my husband likes then...I was wanting to preserve eggs to be used in cakes and other baked goods. LOL...wonder what a cake would taste like made with pickled eggs...yum...  ;D

    Whenever we have too many eggs, we break them into a bowl with a little milk, like scrambled eggs.  Then grease a plastic ice tray and freeze them.  two ice cubes of frozen egg= 1 large fresh egg

Oh, now that's you can freeze the unshelled eggs okay? I'd heard you could, if you popped the yolk, but I haven't seen anyone back up that claim.

yeah, you gotta mix em up like you would for scrambled, or like you were making a omelette  (spelling?) and make sure you give the ice tray a good shot of Pam or some such, or they will stick bad and not wanna come out. 


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