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fermented foods - what have you pickled?

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Sauerkraut and just did 2 quarts of dilly beans this afternoon.

I started a crock of sauerkraut last night.   

DH won't eat anything from the brassicas that I've fermented, but the carrots, lemons and salsa were deemed acceptable. I really like having the carrot sticks around. Has anyone tried celery? Or celery root? Celery is his favorite vegetable, that might go over well.

Morning Sunshine:
We made this for Thanksgiving: and it is soooo yummy.  I gave the recipe to my 11-yo daughter who more pulverized the ingredients in the blender instead of a rough chop, so it more of a fine relish.  And we love it.

Sounds very good, MS. I made my typical cranberry sauce (Barefoot Contessa's recipe) with fresh-squeezed citrus juice and zest... but no probiotics :(


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