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fermented foods - what have you pickled?

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Morning Sunshine:
I love reading the dehydrating thread, so I decided to start a place for fermenting talk.  So share your tips, recipes, and favorite fermenting tools

As you know, I have been doing lemons for years (, and we love them.  We moved to limes and limequats easily as it is the same concept.  Every time I have tried sauerkraut on my own it fails (but always works with a teacher around!  go figure).
I did cucumber pickles last summer, and wish I had done more this summer, but forgot.  I added dill to them.

I fermented jalapeƱos this year, as a preservation for recipes.  I don't like to eat them by themselves, although one of these days I might try the pickles just to see if they effect me the same as fresh ones do.

I just tried a bottle of green beans, and I love the green beans, just plain no herbs or spices.

I did watermelon pickles also, 2 kinds.  One quart of plain and a quart with cinnamon and cloves.  The spiced ones are the ones my family likes, so I just made another 3 half-gallon batches.  I want us to be eating fermented foods every day as we have so many digestive problems around here.

I've only done sauerkraut so far, purple and regular cabbage.  Basically chop it up, salt it, smash it, wait a bit then pack it in a jar and let it sit.  I used one of the fancy lids with the bubbler on top of  a mason jar.  Came out pretty good I think. 

Cucumbers, carrots, string beans and zucchini so far!

Morning Sunshine:
carrots.  I really really want to do shredded carrots.  I forgot about those, I bet I can get my family to eat those also!

Kraut and pickles (cucumbers) has been about it for me.  I really loved the pickles.


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