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Product in pounds per 5 gallon bucket

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I forget where I found this information (it was on some internet forum) but I thought it would help those looking to store food in buckets. When I find something I like I copy it to a word document and save it off to my preps folder.

Product in pounds per 5 gallon bucket

Navy Beans - 38.85 lbs
Hulled Rice - 36.55 lbs
Rough Rice - 27.99 lbs
Flour - 28.75 lbs
Rolled Oats - 14.75 lbs
Roasted Coffee Beans - 20.99 lbs
Shelled Corn - 34.99 lbs
Powdered Milk - 21.75 lbs
Shelled Peanuts - 31.1 lbs
Fine Salt - 58.31 lbs
Brown Sugar - 34.98 lbs
Granulated Sugar - 41.20 lbs
Wheat - 37.32 lbs

If you come across any more let me know and I'll be sure to add it.

Hope this helps.


Good find Tash!


--- Quote from: Archer on October 21, 2008, 02:53:21 PM ---Good find Tash!

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Ditto, very insightful.  Thanks!

Here is what I could fit in 6 gallon buckets with just enough room for the mylar bags to be closed, folded and sealed.

White flour 43 pounds
White rice 43 pounds
White sugar 45 pounds

I have been wondering about this myself. I have a 20 pound bag of pentos with an extra 5 pounds in a 5 gallon, but they are still in their bags. They might hold more than 30 lbs of pentos. I filled another 5 gallon with 20 pounds of rice and 10 pounds of lentils.  :D


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