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Tattler reusable canning jar flats

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looking for an update on the reusable lids

1 how do you like them +/-
2 recommend ?
3 how well do they work with the food saver vacuum unit for canning jars
4 how many times have you reused them

one of the postings sez replaceable seals are available

my source for the metal flats has dried up [cost too much to ship up here to the Keweenaw]
so we are looking at switching to the tattler flats
any and all info will be great fully appreciated


They take a bit to get the hang of them, but I love them. I think I have 300-400 lids of them and will put in another order to bump that number way up. I still get more non-seals with them than the metal lids, but I usually do enough processing I can stick it/them in another load.

If you are having issues getting lids, STOCK UP ON BANDS as you are still going to need them with the Tattlers.


Mullers Lane Farm:
Love my Tattlers!!  There is a bit of a learning curve on using them; you don't tighten them as tight as metal lids, wait 5 minutes after removing from canner and tighten them, let sit for 24 hours before removing ring.  I don't have any more or less failure with Tattlers than I do the metal lids. (In a normal year, I'll can between 500-600 jars.)

I've been using them for over 4 years and have used some 6 times already.  I have a few hundred lids and extra seals.  I don't store my rings on my canned items so have an abundance of rings.

There is another reusable canning lid company out there (4everrecap), but they haven't been around as long as Tattler (which I believe was back in the 70's).  4ever has had major problems with their gasket.  This is a good review in a blog about 4ever

Morning Sunshine:
still having a learning curve - mine fail about twice as much as my metal seals.  My big problem is that they look like they are sealed.  I wash the jars and put them downstairs, and THEN when I go down to get them, that is when I notice that they are not sealed.  But I am going to keep using them.

also, if you are planning to get more, I got this email today (although their website does not mention it at all):

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Love my Tattlers.  I simply followed the instructions on the box and have had zero failures to seal.


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