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Pomona Pectin

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yum those syrups sound good.
i boiled down some mixed berries to make a thin syrup for putting on yogurt/ice cream...

I've made batches of peach syrup.  Of course, I was trying to make peach jam.  Does Pomona work so well that there's little chance of me doing this again?

Morning Sunshine:
all of my jams with Pomona have jelled nicely.  even with the low sugar.  In fact, the blackberry syrup, I tried half the pectin instead of a quarter, and it is almost too thick to use as a syrup unless we heat it (which we do anyway - hubby has this thing against cold syrup on hot pancakes!).

wow! What a great idea for the syrups... Thanks MS.

Morning Sunshine:

just made 14 half-pints of jam; 12 half-pints of syrup.  Yummy.


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