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Pomona Pectin

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Morning Sunshine:

--- Quote from: Stwood on August 30, 2019, 09:13:45 AM ---I did a little searching and what caught my eye was the way lessor amount used.
Higher in price, but may be a wash. And it apparently stays good for much longer.

--- End quote ---

I had a chart somewhere of cost breakdown.  Let me see if I can find it.  Basically, the pectin itself was equal in price but a jar of jam was more expensive because sugar costs less than fruit.  And pomona jam has less sugar and more fruit.

edit - I found the thread where I first posted my pomona experience -

Morning Sunshine:
from August 15, 2009, 12:52:56 PM »

sorry about the link... I was in a hurry.
Archer, I do not know if it is cheaper per batch of jam than the boxed stuff, which you can sometimes get REALLY cheap indeed at end-of-the-season time.  Let me say what I like about it:
it lasts a long time.
I can adjust the recipe to account for the amount of berries I have (this is the best feature, IMHO)
I do not have to use 8 c of sugar to 6 c of fruit
      low-sugar jams taste more like the fruit, and less like sugar
          they do mold easier once the jar is open, so I do mine in half-pint jars, we just open them more often
          they also discolor - if you are used to bright red strawberry jam, well, low-sugar jam turns kind of brownish.  tastes yummy - like strawberries - but off-color
      with pamona you can use other sweeteners - I did some strawberry with honey.  Won't do it again - the honey is too strong of a flavor for berries, but it is possible, which is nice to know if SHTF!
         when we were doing huckleberries a few weeks ago, my mom was using splenda in her jam, and it was the same pectin I was using with the sugar, and I had used with the honey - so I do not need to buy lots of different formulations for the various sweeteners

and frankly, it may be a while before I am able to get around to making my own pectin.  with 4 small children, I need to be honest with myself.  there are other priorities  :P

Morning Sunshine:
from August 19, 2009, 01:14:12 PM

okay, I am almost out of my pomona, so I went to the website to order some more. 
1lb = $48  I just about died.  I do not remember it being so much!
but, 1lb = 16oz
the box of ball pectin from the store was 1.75 oz for $2.50, or $22.86 per pound.
BUT that is 2.50 per batch.
I measured 2 t of pomona (use for 4 c, average, of fruit + 2 c sugar = 5-6 half-pints of jam; jelly takes twice the pectin, so 4 t for the 4 c fruit and 2 c sugar; I do not remember the numbers for freezer jam) and it didn't even register on my ounce scale; switched it to grams, and it was 6 g.
so..... 453.6 g in 1 pound; 75.6 batches of jam in a pound of pomona pectin, so about $.64 per batch of jam.

okay, so that was too confusing for me.... I made a spreadsheet
                         fruit        pectin      lemon juice   sugar          yield (cups)
strawberry jam     4 c         6 g                               2 c              5
strawberry jam     5 c        49 g          ¼ c               7 c              8
currant jelly          4 c        12 g                              2 c              5
currant jelly         6.5 c       49 g                              7 c            10
pectin type        g/package      $/package       $/batch jam             $/batch jelly               $/ jar jam             $/ jar jelly   
pomona pectin   453.6 g         $48.00           .64/batch jam       1.27/batch jelly            .13/ jar jam           .25/ jar jelly
Ball pectin            49 g            $2.50          2.50/batch jam       2.50/batch jelly            .31/ jar jam            .25/ jar jelly

so, make your own conclusions.  dh, when he saw the chart, said "well, this tells us that sugar is cheaper than real food!"
my thoughts are, well, pomona is not MORE expensive, and as far as jam goes, it is cheaper.... so I am going to go with it.  and, there is a note on here that says "keeps indefinitely" so I figure it is a good investment of my money.

 8) Much thanks for that info. I'll print it out.

Great analysis, MS!!! +1


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