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salt preserved/moroccan lemons

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You're welcome!

The pics came out good!

Great tutorial!  So the preserved lemons must be stored in the fridge and not the pantry?  What else have you made with these preserved lemons? 

Morning Sunshine:
I add them to anything that calls for lemon juice that will be blended up, like a creamy black bean soup (before I get requests, here it is )

if a recipe calls for lemon zest, I pull out a quarter or 2 or 3 and slices them finely in 2 directions to get little pieces.  I do not worry about getting them too small - there are a few of us who like to look for the lemon pieces for yummy bites.

I have been known to grab a small one with a fork and just eat it (but I was also known for drinking lemon juice in college.  they were my "virgin" shots, and I think I would have had one of my friends' shots before they would ever have tried a shot of lemon juice, they were so weirded out by it   :D)

I created a new yummy recipe for chicken based solely on these lemons.  mmmm - it is a favorite around here. (and yes,I posted that too: )

Very cool, MS - and thanks for the recipes, too!  +1 to you!

Will have to try that when my (newly planted) lemon trees start producing fruit!


Thanks for the tutorial and for posting the pics.  I love it when people post pictures - it's the only way my dumb artist brain gets anything. I would have still been sitting here saying, "Huh?" at the salt and squished lemons.

Question - does the salt make the lemon juice really salty tasting (or is that a big duh) or can you use this to make something sweet as in lemonade or in baking? Thanks!


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