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salt preserved/moroccan lemons

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Frugal Upstate:
For a blog post I did orange peels dehydrated, candied and made into homemade extract.  I ate all the candied ones within a week. . . and there were quite a few of them. . .

I did Moroccan preserved lemons last year.  I have just a little bit left.  I guess it's time for s new batch.

Some of the things I did with them were:
After rinsing, chop in small pieces and use as a condiment in salad
Rinse, chop in small pieces and serve over fish (or incorporate in sauce for the fish)
I made a Moroccan inspired dish, Crock Pot Chicken Taguine which called for them.  It was quite delicious!


Morning Sunshine:

--- Quote from: Morning Sunshine on December 22, 2010, 07:12:34 AM --- I have been meaning to experiment with lemonade just to experiment, but I suspect it may be too salty.  As for baking, I would experiment. 

--- End quote ---

I came here to save the pictures because I suspect I used photobucket.  And saw this note about lemonade and decided to update.
I did actually use some of these in lemonade - a warm lemonade for being sick.  It was wa-ay too salty, and I ended up throwing it out.

This salting process is a curing process and not a fermentation process if the salt weight is at 25% of the food weight. This works very well with vegetables. Although it seems like it would be too salty to eat it is not. The vegetables will sweat out their fluid and intake the salt brine, which cures it, like a ham, but the curing process makes the vegetables crunchy, tangy and vividly colored. I make a batch every week to last one week. As soon as one is done I make another. I also have a quart of chopped onions in the cure. If sun dried they turn out into a crispy salad condiment.

I love preserved lemons though I buy them, I never tried to make them even though I have one or more recipes in Middle Eastern cookbooks. I buy the National brand. It has a lot of other spices in it and has an astringent taste.


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