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salt preserved/moroccan lemons

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Morning Sunshine:
yummy.  let me know how they turn out.

(now I need to go grab a bite of mine :P)

Morning Sunshine:

We went Citrus picking last Saturday here

we have yummy grapefruits and oranges for eating, and lemons for preserving.  And some weird 1909 hybrid called a limequat

The limes were out of season, so I could not get any for my moroccan limes :(  but these little gems are very lime flavored, and acidic enough that I think they will pickle/lacto-ferment nicely for lime dishes.

Frugal, how did you like the lemons you did 2 years ago?  Anyone else have any experience to add about their moroccan lemon ferments?

Frugal Upstate:
I'm embarrassed to say that other than eating one or two as is just to try them I didn't wind up using them--I was intimidated because I wasn't sure how to use them in a recipe.  Pretty silly (and I HATE wasting food). Still on my list if things to really figure out.

I am going to try this soon since I use lemon juice and zest frequently.

Has anyone used these preserves as a cleaning agent?

The other way lemon (and orange) rinds are preserved for use in Mediterranean dishes, is by sugar glaze dehydrating.  I don't have a recipe, but buy them at the Mediterranean market in Houston.

It's hard not to snack on the rinds though, they're too much like candy.  But I used to eat marmalade strait out of the jar...   Sweet & sour, mmmm.



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