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Gold Lined Paint cans

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A few of us got together (thanks to Endurance) and did a group purchase of the qt. size gold lined paint cans which cheapened the shipping considerably.  I bought a couple of cases and then repackaged some of my freeze dried and dehydrated foods into them since I didn't want a #10 can sitting around going stale or picking up moisture.  It's a good concept but I hate these cans.  They are a pain to store (they don't stack well) and whatever you do don't wash them (to sterilize) in the dishwasher - they rust easily (outside) and this was not something I thought of. 

Will I buy more? Nope I think I'll do food saver bags and store in buckets next time around.


--- Quote from: burbot on April 07, 2011, 11:33:05 PM ---Just ordered some gold lined cans and was wondering on the best way to seal them.  I plan on using O2 absorbers and freezing the rice, flour, mashed potato buds, sugar, etc to kill bugs prior to storing.  I'm not against using my foodsaver to vacuum bag before putting in the can if necessary as a belt and suspender type of safety.  I'm used to the hammer method to reseal a paint can, but uneasy about trusting it for long term food storage that my family may someday depend on.  Any help?  It would be much appreciated.

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freezing does not always kill all bugs


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