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December 11 storm situation report


Was wondering how the Region One people faired during the recent heavy rain/ice event.  Sit rep here on the shoreline in CT identified that we are experiencing minor coastal flooding, some elevated stream and river levels.  Coastal tide conditions permit temporary flooding being experienced during high tide conditions.

Power outages are minimal here on the shore.  Total rain accumulation is around 3-5 inches state wide.

Northwestern portions of the state experiencing ice conditions and power outages due to wires down and stream flooding.  Low lying roads are covered with water. 

Rain is suppose to subside mid day

Any one else?

Dirt Rider 3006:
Lots of wind and rain here. Looked like we got about 5 inches since Wed. Imagine if it were snow....LOL 10 to 1 ratio, so that would be 50 inches of snow. There was enough standing water on most of the back roads to warrant taking my canoe instead of my car.

On my drive in to work this morning the parking lot of one of the docks for the Port of Providence was covered in water. I guess a combination of high tide and a heavy wind blowing from the south / south east pushed a lot of water right up Naragansett Bay to Providence.

One co-worker called in this morning. They had no power. So far so good for me and my family.


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