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Obama followers vandalize homes in Gainsville area

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 I think I am fairly open minded as far as different religions, that is I have studied and read the bible for much of my life. I have attended a few churches, though not always that regularly. I am strongly influenced by Jewish Kabbalah/mysticism, as well as eastern yoga/hinduism and buddhism. I don't agree with the far lefts political correctness, attacks on religion, promotion of homosexuality and sexual promiscuity.

 Now if you follow some of the conspiracy stuff, there is an allegation that freemasonry or something like it might be the plans for the elites for some new religion, that's sort of speculative however.

I actually think I have a good potential for understanding the global elites because in fact the knights templars where the first international bankers. That group I believe may have much control over the central bank of england, though details on that I am not sure on. Anyway The templars studied kabbalah in the holy land and later they merged with the masons and used them as a front. Many of these global elites seem to have some connection to the occult, and many occultists try to use the dark side of kabbalah. That's why many jews have always been secretive about kabbalah as it can be missused. If you ever saw the movie raiders of the lost ark, there's alot of interesting facets to that movie connected to all this. I can't say I can explain everything related to this, though it is an area of interest. Many of the founding fathers for instance where masons also which I've never really tried to figure out what the significance of that is ..

 Anyway, I don't know what to think of this Civil War II thing. There are tensions and global elites have alot of power, but it's not clear that they never mess up or that there plans always succeed the way they intended.

 There does seem to be a danger that the election could be stolen I will say. The past two elections seemed to have had some amount of being rigged, but since they appeared to be close elections, the rigging seemed not as excessive as it could be. If the 2008 election is rigged in a major way, I guess it could cause some sort of chaos.

 The other thing is, if you are white and think white politicians (well at least the ones that have been in power for the last 8 years and those like them) represent you because they are white, well that doesn't seem to be true as they color the white politicians seemed to be concerned most about is the color of green cash.

 SueDonim - thanks on that .. oh yea I've always been aware that colleges tend be be bastions of liberalism, but I don't really know alot about it or follow that so much


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