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Obama followers vandalize homes in Gainsville area

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Caution, correctly spelled cursing in the photo's....

......which makes this being done by actual obama supporters suspect. ;)

Sure am glad I don't live in this area ::)

If this were an Anti-Obama message, we'd have the phrase "HATE CRIME" all over the news >:(

Civil War pt 2 anyone?  It seems we may have absolutely no choice.

I don't see a civil war as inevitable at all.

Few people outside Stromfront, and the black equivalent (Nation of Islam?), are that rascist. The non-rascist moderates though, are easily manipulated. A little bit of vandalism, and the blogosphere ignites. What better way to generate hate for your enemy than a false flag operation? What better way to keep the populous busy than trivialities like skin color? Or sexuality?

If "they" keep the tensions high, but not too high, then they can keep people busy forever.

I do not see the vandalism as being "racist".  I think that it is mostly a difference in opinion on which form of government our country needs.  We have the Socialist masses that want to bring in Obama, and those of us that love our freedom that have almost no choice but to vote for McCain.  The country is so divided on the issue of how much power we should allot the government that I do not see much more in the way of choices.  I hope I am really wrong on that, but I do not feel I am.  I fully expect cities to burn on November 5th, no matter who wins.

I heard this on democracy now podcast which seemed sort of related:


McCain volunteer Ashley Todd has now confessed that she made up the story about being attacked by a large black man who carved the letter “B” into her cheek.

But let’s talk in a little more depth about the eagerness and even glee with which some in the right-wing blogosphere jumped on that story and immediately claimed it as proof of their worst nightmares coming true. So much of that story was unbelievable from the very beginning, yet certain people wanted to believe it so badly that they ignored all the warning signs and launched into full battle cry.

Andy McCarthy at the National Review’s Corner responded with a post so embarrassing he has now taken it down so nobody can see it.

Dan Riehl at posted under the headline “Thugs for change,” claiming that “Obama’s run his campaign just like a street thug out of Chicago. Now we get to see what some of his worst supporters are like.”


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