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Do not plant mysterious seeds from China

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--- Quote from: iam4liberty on July 31, 2020, 03:37:00 PM ---People have been planting them.

--- End quote ---

People in general are stupid. Planting unsolicited seeds, sheesh. For more evidence of stupid see the Corona Virus.

David in MN:
It's happening in MN enough that the Department of Agriculture put out a pres release.

Bear in mind getting seeds in the mail is nothing new. Besides stuff I order I routinely get seeds sent from the power company (Xcel) and several retailers use seeds as marketing.

Most media seems to have pulled this story as soon as it was confirmed seeds did come from China and that some packages were harmful.  Word is about 25% were harmful weeds and 75% were flowers like roses and hibiscus.  Speculation is that earliest packages were the flowers and may have been an attempt to create positive media for the seeds to get more recipients to plant them.  Then the harmful seeds followed.  But we truly don't know motive.  The whole review scam angle seems false as no corresponding reviews have yet been found despite seeds being sent in waves for months.  WSJ reports that government officials have identified company names of senders but no details.  Very strange.

U.S., Chinese Officials Jointly Pursue Mystery Seed Shipments
Agricultural agencies in both countries collaborate to identify senders as U.S. lawmakers call for stronger safeguards

The USDA identified seeds of some potentially harmful weeds and a common beetle larva among the fraction of shipments it has checked
U.S. agriculture officials said they are working with their counterparts in China to determine who is sending mysterious seed packages to U.S. residents and to stop future shipments.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said in a recorded radio broadcast released Wednesday that China is helping to identify the senders of the seeds, and that the agency knows the names of companies behind the shipments.
China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs couldn't be immediately reached for comment.

“We don’t know the background information about these companies, and that’s why we’re working with our counterparts in China to follow up on some of these senders,”

We don't need any more beetles over here........... >:(

Japan is now warning citizens not to handle seeds as they could be means of spreading viruses.


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