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--- Quote from: Bighorn on October 25, 2008, 04:32:59 PM ---Texan, wasnt born here but got here as quick as I could

--- End quote ---

I am also a Texan by choice. This is actually my second time living in Austin. Leaving was a big mistake. I plan on staying this time.

-- Jeremy

Son of the Republic chiming in.

I wasn't born here, the Air Force conspired against me on that. But I got here a few months afterwards. And I've lived within 15 miles for the past 39.33 years.

Houston Texas here

Howdy everyone! Texan born and raised here. From the Beaumont area but living in College Station now. Would love to meet others likeminded in the area, I think a regional meet would be great. (I do have some trepidation about meeting folks over the internet though)


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