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--- Quote from: Yaya500 on October 09, 2015, 05:38:12 AM ---In any case, I would like to be more active on this forum.  Just be patient with me if I mess up and don't post something properly, as I am just learning my way on here.

--- End quote ---

welcome to the forum! We all started out with "our first post" at some point :)
Its a good group. Even if you were to post something in the wrong place the Admins are pretty cool about fixing it and making it look pretty.

There is a meetup in Dallas that is lead by a women. Good group, I make it to the meeting about every other week. But sounds like it might be 2.5hr drive from where you are at...

Thanks for the welcome Hootie!  That meetup group sounds like what I am looking for, but maybe I can find something just a little closer to me.  Or if nothing else, I will just enjoy the conversation here on the forum.

Howdy y'all, I've been here about 11 years. I got a property in Celina and some land in Cooper last year.

Born and raised in the Dallas area for 27 years, lived in cajun country for 6 years, then back in the Lone Star State for the last 3.  Glad to be back.

2 1/2 hours east of Dallas.  Near Paris, Texas.

But sadly going to be out of state for a few years it looks like.  I know I'll be back!!

Hope everyone is surviving the rain and storms fine.

Here is some of my videos from the St Patrick day storms:


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