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I'm new to the forums but a Northern California native. Looking for like minded folks in Northern California. Somebody mentioned the State of Jefferson earlier in the thread, I drive through it a couple times a week. Signs up and down highway 99.

Basil Duke:
That's me, I live in the Shasta County "area" and have been a listener since 2010 but don't have lots of time for the forum. I have found some good topics here though so stick around I am finding tons of helpful people. Welcome!

Adams County, Idaho
Hoping to move to the Republic of Idaho, Idaho County
Pop16,267  Area 8503 sq mi 8577sq mi land 26sq mi water.
Borders Oregon on the West and Montana on the East
Clearwater River - flows to the Snake
Lochsa River - flows to the Clearwater
Salmon River - River of No Return - flows to the Snake
Selway River - flows to the Clearwater
Snake River - flows to the Columbia- flows to the Pacific Lewiston, Id. Inland seaport
IF you build it and it falls down you'll know better next time.

Hi y'all, I'm just starting into the forum, though I've listened to Jack and TSP for going on a year now. I also am in the great state of Jefferson, hoping it happens soon so my wife and I can raise our family in a free state! We're in Yuba County living with my in-laws but hoping to find our own place sooner than later.

Basil Duke:
Welcome! Nice to see someone else from the mythical state of Jefferson. Best of luck on your journey to a better life. I don’t post on the forum much but there is a lot of great stuff here.


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