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--- Quote from: Carlyle on January 24, 2017, 09:38:27 PM ---Thanks Keith!

The fruit trees do really well here as long as they get lots of water when the high temps hit.  Nice that they finally legalized the catchment of rain water to help with water from the ditch shares.  3-5 more trees going in this spring as well as some berry bushes.  Looking forward to more as I begin reading the class material.

--- End quote ---

What a novel thought..being able to use the freakin water that falls fro mthe sky and lands on our roof....I'm sorry, any municipality or state that say you cannot harvest rain water is corrupt!!   

Happy growing....

Hi Everyone,

I've been listening to TSP since the summer of 2013. I signed up for Food Storage Feast because my wife and I eat out too much and we would like to eat more at home. Having all the ingredients on hand and the recipes readily available will cancel most of our excuses.

My wife and I live in Western Connecticut and are building our dream home on 68 acres in New York State (oh, how I wish we chose New Hampshire, We, currently, have 2 dogs, 2 kittens, 2 barn cats (who live at our barn on the 68 acres), 8 hens (in CT) and 6 quail (9 found their freedom). We hope to move into our home (a geodesic dome) by mid- to late- summer 2017.

Noah Darco:
Welcome, Catskill_Frank!

I understand your preference for NH, but I do remember a whole lot of really beautiful country in the mountains of upstate NY from my travels there a while back. I was particularly struck by the abundance of running surface water. It's a shame that it's shoehorned in politically with NYC, but still, it's some of the most beautiful homestead country I've seen back east.

Hi!  Carl and Lis checking in from just north of you, near Lynchburg, VA.  We have land (not a farm, yet), but we do eat!  Looking forward to cooking our way though our stores.

Carl and Lis,


It's pretty up that way in grow the best peanuts anywhere...not sure why GA gets all the credit! Have a big can in my pantry!

Please let me know if you have any sure to check the updates page for new postings. New content being added often...have many new recipes / videos in production right now. If my voice would cooperate I could finish them!! Been hacking for weeks now..

My best


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