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Winix Air Filter


David in MN:
I'm not proud of it but a couple months back as the morning sun shone through the east window I saw dust glimmering in the air. I'm not the biggest neatnick but my kid breathes here every day. Then I'm walking Costco and see an air filter. I got to thinking and searched the Amazon for a best deal.

I bought a Winix Plasmawave.

I really like it. It does clean up the airborne crap that drives me nuts. We all breathe better. And it has a charcoal filter so when I'm cooking Indian food my wife puts it next to the kitchen. It helps. Our house smells less wen I cook and my wife would say the air "just feels cleaner". When I clean there is noticeably less dust. It just sucks it all up. After a couple weeks I washed the filter and it was filthy. Out of the air we breathe!

We're considering a second. That way we could have one on each floor. They work. If you've got dust like me or off smells or any kind of air issue it's a good product.


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