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David in MN:
When I bought my car inn January it came with free Sirius XM for 6 months. I never used it. I have a couple of great weirdo music stations I routinely listen to or I'll throw NPR on in the background because that's just what you do. If I'm by myself going a longer distance I'll plug in my phone and catch a podcast and if I'm taking my kid somewhere (99% of my driving) I turn it all off and we chat or sing or play a game. So when the free trial ended I just let it lapse.

I have been getting 3 calls per week since. At first I was polite and explained I didn't want the service. Then there were radical price drops. I think it went from $10/month to $3 for 6 more months. I don't really care about price; even free I wouldn't use it. But they have not given up. I literally just got off the phone with them and the polite phase has ended. I now just hang up on them which feels bad but I told them several times nicely that I don't want their service.

I understand people who get Sirius XM and I'm sure it's awesome for them. I have an uncle who drives a ton and says it's a life saver. But if you try it out and decide you don't want it prepare to be hounded. If you do want it and can hold out for a couple weeks the savings will be awesome.

Either way the big problem is that caller ID is either a local number (which could be a teacher at my kid's school) or comes up as Verizon which is my phone carrier. So I, like a dolt, have to answer each and every time and I'm a little irritated.

You've been warned...


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