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Heating water using solar energy


I'm trying to find cheap energy sources. I'm interested in heating water using solar energy. [snip] What is the cheapest available solar panel for water heaters?
How much solar power do I need to heat water?

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  Excuse my joining in but the way to heat water with solar is in a black ,water filled panel or large coil of black pipe heated by the suns rays and NOT by electricity produced by solar panels . You will not use solar electric to heat water or air ....tankless water heaters use a crapload of electricity to heat water when you use hot water and not slowly as in keeping a tank hot all the time .  I use a 250 foot length of black 'plastic' pipe coiled flat to cover a large area in the sun to heat the water quite well for a shower about sunset...but solar - electric would be way too costly.

  A quick look at tankless water heater specs indicates 11 to 24 THOUSAND WATTS of electricity needed while hot water is being produced and my coil pipe with a 20 watt motor circulating water through the coil and a 40 gallon tank produces hot water a few hours after the sun goes down as it is a closed system until hot water is used and then the large tank ensures a good shower until I turn on the 'fresh input pump' to refill for the next days use.

  A coil pipe in the compost pile will produce warm to hot water at night also ...for almost FREE.

Yes, cheapest is coiled dark hose, like Carl uses or a batch direct solar hot water, cheapest way to do a batch solar hot water heater is to use a watertight  hot water heater tank, doesnt matter if gas or electric, you want no leaks and free, so doesnt heat or previous owner took it out to put in a tankless. Paint it black, build a box, with glass on one side that the tank fits in, set out in sun, etc.... lots of designs and pictures and plans for this. If you can scrounge materials, it would just cost black paint, connections, etc.... this has a picture, just search "batch solar hot water DIY" or something

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