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Double-check delivery times!


I recent ordered a small packet of lockable safety pins online and they took a month to arrive!
I checked the small print in my original order and it said delivery "30 days", so the fault was mine for not noticing it, otherwise I'd have cancelled the order and bought them from somewhere else that had a faster delivery time.
So my gripe is not against any particular company, but rather a warning to everybody to always check stated delivery times when ordering anything on line, big or small..:)

I've noticed this a lot more too over the last couple years.  For me it's usually Amazon that's the culprit.  Comparing a couple apparently identical items and one is a few bucks cheaper but then you see why ... it's going to ship direct from Asia.  Same product, both made in same place originally, but one is already here and so someone has the carry cost for the inventory.  Buyer beware!  :)

With Amazon, there's also times when even a Prime product will take much longer.  There is sometimes a line near where it says Prime that says something along the lines of Prime shipping when in stock or Prime shipping when available.

Another little warning- If ordering something from abroad, check the shipping costs!
I'm in England and a few years ago I ordered a lightweight tent from America; I could probably have bought something like it here, but it looked great and I was mesmerised by youtube vids of people putting it up, so on the spur of the moment I clicked "buy".
The tent itself only cost me about 40 GB pounds (50 US dollars) but when it arrived a couple of weeks later I was shocked to find a massive shipping cost of about 30 GBP had been slapped on it, I think some of that might have been customs import/export tax or something! 


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