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Danby Portable washing machine


The model number I have is DWM17WDB This one,  It is 21.5"x21.5" by almost 34" tall

This is a washing machine used in RV's, apartments and small places without room for a full sized washer. Some people with babies and small children use one in between visits to the laudromat. You can see UTube videos of one. But, this would also be nice in a cabin or place with an inverter, it is very low power for a washer. And, for me, a washer is more important than a refrigerator. I can live on bulk and preserved food. Doing laundry by hand is hard.

We were given one, and it will either go next to the water heater at our studio project here, or off to college with my dd if her apartment has room to save money on laudromats.

I took it on the handtruck and hauled it next to the deck by a water faucet, stuck a board on the downhill side to level it, connect it to the cold water hose, and ran an extension cord to it. I used a biodegradable, liquid detergent that is made for cold water, BioKleen.

They say it holds 11 lbs of laundry, or 1.7 cu ft I did not weigh, but filled the way I would any washer, I put in dry clothes to fill the basket. I set it to the "hard" cycle, which means dirty I guess. I put in some dirty work clothes from this week, but since I am a petite woman, number of clothing items will be less for a large man of course. I put in 1 pair of very dirty jeans from working, a pair of heavy sweat pants, a pair of lighter polar fleece sweats, a pair of flannel PJ bottoms, 4 long sleeved cotton shirts, 1 short sleeved, 2 camisoles, 4 pair undies and 3 pair wool socks. I peeked during the wash cycle and there was alot of dirt taken off the clothes. Now that they are done, they seem very clean, and well spun so they should line dry quickly .

That would make a nice backup to our suburban homesteads full size washer.

Energy use, this is from the energyguide yellow tag. The thing about this number is it is some kind of average of how they think people wash, how many heavy duty cycles, regular cycles, etc.... so can only give us an idea.

They say 168kWh for 416 loads of laundry. This is .4 kWh per load, on average, using their data and assumptions. For me, this would be worth the energy cost, even off my batteries, compared to hand washing, at least for realy dirty or bulky items ( sheets, towels, pants, shirts...). I am also intrigued by washers converted to run off pedal power, but that kind of set up takes up a lot of dedicated space. I have neck issues, and arm/shoulder powered washing is not what I can do ( so, no James washer, etc....)

So, for my house as an example, they say to take 5 hours of sun a day as average over the year, that would make 5x2.5kW=15kWh a day energy budget, so a load a day would be less than 3% of that energy budget. This is a bit more than a standard sized kenmore elite front loader ( which is rated at 95kWh a year for 416 loads).

My take aways, washing clothes, if using cold water and no dryer is a very low energy convenience. If you have the room, a larger washer is more energy efficient. If you dont have space or need one you can roll out of a closet or put in your RV, or pick up and move, the small portables like this are a good option that works well, and the energy use is still very low. Start up surge of any motor needs to be taken into account if using a small solar/inverter set up.

update on the washing machine. Our renter has been using this washing machine for 3 months now and is very happy with it. He says that it holds the amount of clothes that fit on his drying rack at once. He uses it about 3 times a week, air dries on the drying rack. He likes that it is very quiet, cleans well, and he doesnt have to pay to go to a laundry mat

Morning Sunshine:
Thank you for remembering to update us 😊


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