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what is your favorite chair / recliner ?

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Bob Spelled Backwards:
I am in the market for a new Recliner because I can't stand our over-soft sofas with practically no back support. 
My wife seems to like them but doesn't have an old worn-out back like me to seek change.

It seems I am in need of an Archie Bunker Chair for me to melt into at the end of a long day.  With all the cheap junk out there on the market, I was hoping to hear some reviews from you fine folks on what you have and swear by and what or whom to steer clear of.  Lazy Boy, Barka Lounger, Lane, etc...?

Any suggestions or words of advice would be greatly appreciated.


Lay z boy is great in my opinion as long as you don't go entry level! I purchased one of their "budget conscious" chairs in 2012 and I certainly wish I would have splurged a bit more, within a year it was beat to hell and that was with non daily use. They have quality product but not particularly at the lower end.

Bob Spelled Backwards:
Thanks for the reply,  I'll have to start looking again now that the overpriced rocker/glider nursing chair is going to my sister-in-laws and a space is open again.

I would like to see various pics of chair/recliner

My favorite recliner is the one closest to me.  ;D

These darn things can get so expensive.  I can't help you with which brand, as I've never purchased a name brand new.  I can say they are all subjective to you (the individual) in terms of comfort, as well as expected longevity.  I have found that the name brand ones (those I've purchased used) seem to last longer.  The cheap ones tend get uncomfortable much sooner.

Best advice I can give is try them out for comfort before buying and expect to replace the cheaply made ones sooner.  As far as I'm concerned, if I can pay $200 bucks or less for a cheaply made one or $200 for a good quality used one, I'm money ahead if I have to replace it in half the time a new (more expensive) one needs to be replaced.


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