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First off, has anyone else had issues with Old Grouch's shipping?

On Jan 21 I ordered a polish wool blanket and had no problems with it. Was shipped in a timely matter and was a great blanket. On Jan 27 I ordered another two, those also arrived in a timely manner and was great. However, on Feb 9 I ordered a surplus 3 part sleep system and another blanket. After a few days I never received a tracking number so on Feb 14th I called and asked. I was told that the FedEx guy refused to pick up that day due to the weather and it was sitting there packed and ready and would go out on Monday, the 17th. Also on Feb 14 I ordered an additional 3 wool blankets.

Now the part that has me confused is that on Feb 18th, the day I was supposed to receive the order of 3 blankets the FedEx tracking number showed "Initiated" which according to the guy at FedEx means that it was never picked up. I called Old Grouch on the 18th and told them this and they said yes it was shipped and that FedEx was incorrect and that they would call them. They also said if they could not find them then they would ship me 3 more. I received no call back from Grouch so I called on Saturday the 22nd and was informed that they were still waiting to hear from FedEx and that they would let me know, however they were now out of stock on those blankets and was not sure if they would get any more so sending me 3 more was not an option. About an hour later my sleep system showed up, however it was actually shipped not on the 17th like I was told, but the 20th. To make matters worse the blanket I ordered with the sleep system was missing as well as part of the sleep system. Once again I called them back to let them know this. Now, even though I was told they were out of stock I was told then that they would ship me a blanket on Monday the 24th as well as the missing part of the sleep system.

My confidence in Old Grouch is not very high right now. I have tried to be patient but they never answered any of my emails and I have had to call them several times. They may fix this problem and if they do I will be sure to update this post as things further develop.

I have ordered a few things from OG. I never had any problems. With the crazy weather we have had this month I can see shipping issues would be possible.

I have ordered several things from them and have had very good results.  The only issue I had was receiving green NATO cans instead of red on one order.  I called and they immediately offered to accept the return and offered to reship the red cans when they came in.  I offered to keep the green cans and asked what they could do price wise if they didn't have to ship the new ones.  They gave me $30 off the price for 4 cans and I kept the green ones and everyone was happy.  I am very pleased with their response and willingness to work out a solution that was acceptable to the customer but not necessarily what they had offered.


if they dont get the blankets back in, sign up for internet deals for Sierra trading Post (deal flyer in your email), and keep checking the price on wool blankets from the links in your email, within a week, you should find one at a low price, for example, today, I could get this :

Item #6533P
Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Reed Plaid Throw Blanket - Merino Wool, 50x60”
SALE: $40.00 View Coupon
Everyday Price: $50.00
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This is 100% wool, merino wool which is nice and soft and warm, and made in America (although the ones I bought for christmas gifts last fall were made in England) 50"x60" in a pretty plaid

So, doesnt have to be an "army" blanket to be a realy good practical blanket, it can be practical and cheap and real nice looking !”~p~6533p/?filterString=blankets-and-throws~d~55%2F&colorFamily=01

I got the missing pieces replaced and according to Chris at Old Grouch they are sending me 3 more blankets to fill my entire order.


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