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Title: Utahn TSP Invite to hear expert Council Member John Pugliano on wealthsteading
Post by: libertydefense on July 01, 2016, 01:49:48 PM
This will be the 3rd time I've hosted John's workshop at my home.

signup for this free workshop at:

WHAT: Wealth Steading Workshop
WHEN: July 7th at 7pm
WHERE: Saratoga Springs, UT (address sent to those that signup)

Wealth Steading Workshop
Title: 15 minutes that can change your life...3 key questions:
How to save/fund children's education?
How to save for retirement- 401k/IRA/ROTH?
How to avoid a catastrophic loss?
In a concise, rapid fire delivery of actionable methods, John will answer the above questions in 15 minutes.  Afterwards there will be a question and answer session to address your specific concerns.  John will answer your questions until Karen throws us out.

John Pugliano is the host of the popular Wealsteading Podcast and a member of the TSP Expert Council.  He is the money manager of an independent advisory firm where he personally manages over $16 million dollars.  John's philosophy is simple- first learn to Earn and Save...then and only then Invest.