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I think marlin still makes the papoose. It doesnt pack up qute as small as henry, but its close, and you have the benifit of an all steel barrel, and a gun that will stand a lifetime of use.

My dad had one of the Savages, if I recall it was a .22 over a .410 shotgun. It was a great little varmint gun. You could take everything from a squirrel to a deer with it if needed. 


 I saw a henry at cabelas for $189, it was really super light, I guess you could shoot rabbits and squirrels with it.

I have one of the AR-7's by Charter.

It's kind of old and beat up but it functions quiet well.  Accuracy is acceptable.  I keep it and a box of ammo in my 72 hr kit.  The ammo is a mix of every thing from CCI stinger, shot shell, Aguila sub sonic, and CB's.

The only function problems I've had were due to an aftermarket mag I bought.


Wasn't the first AR-7 chambered for the .22 Hornet? I thought I heard that somewhere once upon a time, but I cannot remember the reference source.


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