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how about the use of a casting net in a post SHTF world


I've used a casting net gathering bait fish for saltwater fishing.  I'm thinking if i was REALLY hungry in a post SHTF world, that casting net would sure deliver a boat load of sunfish on many of the lakes around middle Tennessee.  Probably not legal but what do ya think?

I hate to tell you but it's not as easy as you might think.  I've tried it with limited success.  The water has to be really shallow and the larger fish tend to bolt when they see you toss the net as opposed to bait fish which tend to ignore you until the net hits the water. 

I say give it a shot and plead ignorance or just release the larger fish if you get any.  On the other hand, the net will get you a ton of bait, and a baited hook well get you a ton of sunfish.



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