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Preparing for next season of camping

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It is that time of year for me to go through my notes and supplies from this year's camping trip and get everything in order. One item that worked particularly well was a folding grill, quite a few on Amazon. UCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel Grill and Fire Pit is very similar to the one I have.
Every camping trip I do something stupid and make a note to read as I prepare for the next one but many times forget to read it. I'm doing that now.

I am working on the same idea. Just came off a one week elk hunting camp out. As usual I pack way too much stuff on the pretense "that I might need that". I keep a small note book to write reminder notes on what I forgot, what went well and so on. This year there wasn't any snow and my friend thought it was funny I had some snow shoes with me. Oh well. :)

 I am checking out rivers in Maine to canoe. This is long falls on the Machias river which is the worst rapid on the river:

 Found this also:

I don't know who filmed these. I am considering canoeing that river or some other rivers since I always do the same ones

we've kayaked a bit on the Mississippi and on lake Superior, but other than that I like my feet on the ground.
It would've been nice had they mounted the camera on the bow of the canoe forwards, not too interesting to watch the facial expressions of the canoeist.


--- Quote from: surfivor on November 12, 2019, 12:58:42 PM --- I am checking out rivers in Maine to canoe.
--- End quote ---
Years ago when I was working with the Boy Scouts, we went to Maine a couple of times to canoe.  We canoed the rivers around Lake Seboomook and around Mooshehead lake.  Gorgeous area.


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