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No gas, no insurance bill, no maintenance, it's healthy to do and they cost just a fraction of what a boat would cost. Yes I do call this a survival tool. I catch a heck of alot of fish out of it without all the costs that come along with boat ownership! Best of all I get a good workout on top of it! Just food for thought to add to your list of things you may want to consider. Mike

Dirt Rider 3006:

That is the way to go. I have a 13ft sport canoe and I love going out spending the day on it with my 7 year old son. Next year I'll have to drop a line or two while we paddle along. Low cost for sure, don't need a trailer or a boat ramp to launch it.

What part of the country are you from? RI here & I paddle some rivers, but mostly paddle salt water inlets or rivers that feed into the bay/ocean.

Here's a favorite spot of mine It's a 6 mile paddle from where we put in to the ocean. We usually take long a body board or two  and wetsuits and hit the waves when we reach the beach. The surfboards are a bit cumbersome to transport on the canoe.


I'm in North Florida. I usually fish the Gulf for reds and trout.

What type of fish is that? You really have that kayak outfitted. Good job!

Man, that looks like a lot of fun.


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