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--- Quote from: LvsChant on July 12, 2011, 08:49:16 PM --- Being inconsiderate to other shoppers by completely wiping out all the sale items is not a good way to behave in general... and the stores and manufacturers are right to put a limit on how their programs can be used.
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Amen to that! And such behaviour includes stealing the "peelies" (coupons attached to individual product packages) off items one is not purchasing.

--- Quote from: LvsChant on July 12, 2011, 08:49:16 PM --- The TLC extreme couponing show notwithstanding, I am doubtful that couponing will take hold in the general populace because of the learning curve required at the outset. It isn't that hard, but does take paying good attention and organization.
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Sad, but true.

I have to point out that my fiance and I only shop twice a month for groceries and we coupon. Extreming is hard if not impossible if you do it the legal way. So We do it the split order way. Their is two of us and two orders. We typically split the orders because we will use two of the same coupons alot of the time and thats not allowed on the same purchase depending on the coupon.

So the other day we did our normal mid month purchase and Weis Markets put out a new policy where any coupon over a dollar has to be manually overided by the Manager. Well the cashier was great, but the teenage manager was a bit of a knucklehead and raised his voice to my fiance. I considered boiling over and letting the punk manager know what I thought about his attitude, but decided that he was only mad at the policy his company has. Long story short I asked my fiance politely to relax and that we would talk about it later which led to the employees apologizing to us repeatedly. Needless to say I took the brunt of it when we got in the car.

We typically spend $200 every two weeks, but end up with about $300 worth of groceries thanks to paying attention to sales and couponing. It really doesn't take long to get a few days worth of extra food. It has taken us about 6 months to get around 3 months worth of food. Including dog food, cat food, cat litter, and paper towels. My next goal is to get at least a 6 month supply of toilet paper.

Good for you, Kenser. You're a good coupon ambassador...

Heads up if your albertsons has kraft bbq sauce as part of their 10's sale going on.

$0.78 each if you buy 10 sale items. Knock another $5 if you buy 10 more.

Albertsons had a Back to School flyer last month with a $1.00 off 2 coupon. Makes the first 10 $0.28 each. So thats $2.80 for 10 bbq sauces, about the price of two regular price.

New to the forum so forgive me if my post isn't done properly.  I noticed most of the posts here where for food items, but I thought I'd mention something else.  Never ever purchase anything online without a coupon.   I use to find what I want to buy.  Pick out what you want and then take notice that when you select a product on Amazon the web site tells you on the bottom who Amazon ships from, or who the supplier is.  Then proceed to the supplier's web page.  Immediately that generally affords you a $1-2 cheaper price.  Then just do a google search for something like "store name coupons."  Example: I just purchased something for my classroom from a store called Unbeatable Sales.  The original item was $124 on Amazon plus $20 in shipping.  I then proceeded to the supplier's website which had the item for $119 and only $15 for shipping.  I then google searched "Unbeatable Sales Coupons" and got a 10% off plus discounted shipping coupon.  My final price was $99.31 about $50 less than Amazon.

Also, we went to Kohl's this past weekend and I asked the lady if I could use an in store coupon from the internet if I didn't print it, I just pulled it up on my iphone.  She asked what the coupon was and I said 20% off and she didn't even ask to see the coupon she just took 20% off.  So don't forget to always search for an in store coupon on the internet before visiting your local store, or just pull it up on your smart phone once you're at the store.  You could even search for product coupons on your phone once your at the store and depending on the store policy they may or may not accept it.  Be wary too because some store have better internet coupons than mailed printed coupons.  I picked up a coupon at Michaels for Michaels Craft store for 20% off for the Veteran's day sale but they had a 25% off in store purchase coupon listed on their website for the same sale!

Always remember to google search coupons for your travel too on things like car rentals and even flights sometimes. 

Bottom Line:  If your checking out from an online store and it has a spot to enter a coupon code, then you should google search till you have a code to put in it!

-that's five!


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